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"Mike is a true pro; responsive, professional and a great negotiator. Not only did he sell my home he helped me to get a great deal on my next place. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to work with an agent who knows Park City real estate like the back of his hand and will work hard for you."

When to ListBest Listing Agent in Park City Utah

If you've just started some research on listing your home around the Heber Valley, you come to the right place. If you can, planning and preparation is key. It's the stress of having to list within the next couple of weeks that can really throw everything out of whack. However, not everybody has the luxury of time. If you need to move… You need to move now. While preparation and planning is a luxury, it's not always a given. If you're planning on selling within the next month or the next year, here are some valuable steps to take right now.

Talk to a real estate agent.

Before you start packing up half the house, undergoing massive remodeling projects, or taking everything to the donation location, talk to your real estate agent first. Interview several real estate agents to find the best one for your needs. You need someone that is experienced, knows how to negotiate, and has the personality that you can get along with. Are you looking for a bulldog or someone that wants a win-win situation for everyone? All real estate agents are different and they all bring something different to the table when it comes to negotiations and experience. But I will say that experience is the key. A real estate agent can watch all the continuing education videos and take all the tests out there, but nothing beats experience. Every real estate transaction is different and knowing how to solve problems and find solutions with just about any scenario is one of the most valuable things a real estate agent can bring to the table.

Trust your agent.

Once you've decided on an agent, trust their knowledge. Because I know the Park City real estate market I know how to price, when the price, how to list, the right time of day and week to list them, and how to get your property in front of the right buyers. Whether it's a seller's market or buyers' market, marketing is key. Any listing agent can throw the home on the local MLS and hope someone finds it. An excellent agent does the due diligence and is proactive about finding the right buyer.

Your job.

Your job as the seller is to not only trust your agent but do your part in selling the property. I can't keep the home staged for you so we can talk about staging, details that might need to be upgraded, updated, replaced or fixed, but it is up to you to keep it that way. I recommend that you don't make any mess that cannot be cleaned up in 30 minutes or less. This will keep the stress down when you have an unannounced showing.

Best Listing Agent in Park City UtahKeep emotions at bay.

While in your home is the heart of your family, it is still a product to someone else. It's not the buyer's home yet and they have no emotional attachment to it. Try to remember that you are selling a product, not a feeling or an environment. You want the buyer to feel comfortable and that means neutralizing your home so that just about any type of person feels comfortable, warm, and invited. Don't be insulted with lowball offers. If you are a buyer, you want the best deal possible as well. Keep your emotions that they, try not to be insulted, and let's negotiate so that it's a win-win for both parties.

Talk about communication.

Communicate about communicating! No, seriously. I want to know how to best communicate with you. Is that via email, text, phone calls, or in-person? I want you to know that I am working for you but I don't want to bother you every day if that's not the type of communication you prefer. However, if you need daily updates, tips, and suggestions, or just need a little more handholding, I want to provide that for you as well.

If you're ready to get started listing your home or just have more questions about the current market, when's the best time to list, or how much your home is worth, contact me below. Let's start the ball rolling because being prepared is half the battle.

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